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Feb 07, 2011 · We feed hygain products here. Find them to be very good. I've fed showtorque to a number of horses. They all look really good on it. I've also fed Grand Prix to the horses who didn't seem to handle the protein levels in showtorque. The only way to know if a feed is going to suit a horse.

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"Let your horse excel from the inside out and partner with HYGAIN® a brand you can trust."

Feeding the Broodmare – Australian Performance Horse Magazine The HYGAIN® stud range offers several options to meet the needs of late pregnancy in the mare. HYGAIN® GROTORQUE® is a concentrated, micronized sweet feed that contains quality protein and bio available sources of minerals to ensure enhanced uptake and absorption.Feeding the Broodmare - The Horse Forum May 13, 2017 · My mare is 5 months into her pregnancy, is on good pasture 24/7 and given a hard feed daily of: 1 cup of Copra Meal (wet) 1 dipper of oaten chaff 500g Hygain Balanced I realize she will need extra when she hits the last trimester but just wondering what others feed. Attached (hopefully ) is a current picture of the mare.Feeding for weight gain: Hygain Nutrition series - NZ. Dec 22, 2016 · How to feed horses for weight gain is a commonly-asked question. Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can be a challenge to keep them at an ideal level. Ultimately, your horse’s ribs should not be visible, but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along his side. A [.]Feeding the Broodmare and Nursing Foal brought to you by. If a foal and mare are in good condition, the foal does not need to start creep feeding until it is at least 2 months old. However, some may need to start creep feeding by 30 days of age. In the third month of lactation the mare’s milk production drops while the foal’s nutritional needs keep increasing. Therefore, foals have a nutrient gap.Hygain FeedsStockyard Horse Classifieds and Discussion. Apr 27, 2009 · Feed lots of hygain feeds. I use micrspeed for racehorses, showtorque for the show horses and prodigy for young ones and broodmares. Never had a problem with them. Except some horses not eating one of the beans in the showtorque.

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Breeding Horse Feeds The nutritional requirements of broodmares, stallions and their precious offspring are certainly different from those of other horses. Whether you are breeding horses on a lifestyle block, a racing stable, or out the back of the farm, these products can make a difference to the success of your breeding programme.

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HYGAIN TRU CARE® for the older horse, and HYGAIN TRU BREED®, HYGAIN® GROTORQUE® and HYGAIN® STUDTORQUE® for the broodmare and young horse. Other scenarios where the use of these products may be important is in re-establishing proper hindgut function after the horse has been ill, off their feed or treated with oral antibiotics that kill some

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All feed merchants recommend daily feed rates for their different feed mixes. These are an average and should be balanced off by considering the condition and exercise level of your horse and your available grazing quality. These feeds are classed as concentrates.

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"My horse is older but still maintains his weight well and has good teeth – does he need a senior feed?" No your horse can be fed any of the HYGAIN feeds designed for performance horses. If your older horses is starting to show signs of being stiff and sore HYGAIN SENIOR is a palatable non oat micronized sweet feed, formulated for mature horses.

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